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  • Switching to natural and plastic-free sunscreen

    Did you know that every year, we flush about 14,000 litres of sunscreen into the sea? We have listed our eco-friendly sunscreen products for you. This way, it is easier for you to choose and you will be well protected from the sun and our marine life at the same time.

  • Why loose leaf tea is better for you ánd our planet

    Tea: we love it! After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage; about three cups a day. But did you know that most tea bags are not that good for you and the environment? In this blog, we'll explain why you should choose to drink loose plastic-free tea.

  • Washing your hair with natural shampoo bars

    There are many advantages to using shampoo bars - for you and for the environment. However, many people still face some struggles when using shampoo bars. In this blog, I hope to help you get over your last doubts so you can be completely happy with your switch to natural hair soap!