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The safety razor, a green way of shaving

Many of us probably started out with plastic shaving cartridges from the drugstore. But now there is a counter-movement that has switched to the old-fashioned razor in a modern package: the safety razor.

A greener way to shave

There are lots of environmental benefits to shaving with a safety razor. For example, a safety razor is made of stainless steel and therefore lasts a lifetime.

That's a little different than standard razor blades, which often don't last as long and need to be replaced in their entirety every so often. Plastic razor blades are also nearly impossible to recycle. The blades of plastic are often expensive to buy and the same goes for the holder.

With the safety razor you buy the complete safety razor once and then only the individual blades which you can replace. The advice is to replace them every five to ten shaves (depending on how much and often you shave). Moreover, you can fully recycle the blades. With the safety razor itself you can basically do a lifetime.

The benefits of a safety razor

A big difference between cartridge razors and the safety razor is that standard razor blades often pull the hair apart instead of cutting it off. This can cause red bumps and irritated skin. With a safety razor the hairs are cut off and therefore you will experience less irritation. Most manufacturers of safety razors recommend shaving with the hair direction for the best result.

This advice may sound crazy, to shave with the hair direction, but this way the blade can cut the hair extra well and you will experience less skin irritation.

How do you put it together?

When you take the Safety Razor out of the box, you have to 'put it together' first. This sounds a bit scary but it only means you have to put the blade in the holder. By unscrewing the head, it comes loose from the holder. So you can insert the blade, screw it back on and you're ready to shave again.

Let's get started!

Shaving with a safety razor is different to shaving with most standard razors and so it's good to take some time for the first few times. Safety razors are sharper than the blades that you might be used to.

Many people find it a scary idea to shave with a safety razor, but we can reassure you: It's really not that bad. A safety razor is called a "safety" razor for a reason, it is designed in such a way that no dangerous scenes can occur (besides the small wounds that you might normally have).

We recommend not shaving in the shower the first time but to grab a stool, a bucket of warm water and a flannel or sponge. This way you can sit quietly and try out which position of the blade suits you best and also save a lot of water, two birds with one stone.

When you start shaving, it's important to let the blade glide calmly over your legs. Don't put pressure on it but let the knife do its job. Hold the knife at an angle of 30° degrees and run it over your wet legs. Let the blade glide smoothly over your legs so that there is little friction.

For an extra fine experience and smooth result, you can choose to exfoliate your legs before shaving and use special shaving soap during your shave. A shaving brush makes the shaving soap even easier to apply. This will give you a delicious lather that you can easily spread on your legs for a smooth result. Furthermore, a block of natural shaving soap is better for your skin and the environment. It contains no added ingredients and is much milder for your skin. Afterwards it is nice to rub in a nourishing oil or butter so your skin is well nourished after this ritual.


If the razor blade becomes dull after a few uses, simply recycle it. You can save the blades in a jar and hand them in at a recycling station in your area. If there is no such station, you can also put them in the rubbish bin. Just wrap them in a piece of paper; it is safer for the people who have to process the waste.

Conclusion: Better for the environment because you only have to buy one, recyclable blades and a smoother shave; plenty of reasons to switch to this sustainable alternative to the plastic ones you can get at the chemist's.

If you want to try a safety razor, we have several colours and varieties in the shop, as well as shaving soap and brushes. Please send us a message if you have any questions about the safety razors.

On to a smooth summer!

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