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Washing your hair with natural shampoo bars

Natural hair soaps, or shampoo bars, are hugely popular at the moment. And I understand very well why. There are so many benefits - for you and for the environment. However, a lot of people face some struggles when using natural shampoo bars, especially in the beginning.

In this blog I hope to help you get over your last doubts and answer your last questions, so you can be completely happy with your switch to natural hair soap too!


Benefits of natural shampoo bars

Let's cut to the chase: There are many, many benefits to using natural shampoo bars.

  • Plastic-free packaging

All our hair soaps come in (minimal) paper or cardboard packaging which can be easily recycled. And that saves a lot of plastic waste. One shampoo bar can last up to three bottles of liquid shampoo.

  • No chemicals that pollute the ocean

Chemical shampoo often contains harmful substances such as SLS, silicones, parabens and microbeads (tiny plastic particles). After washing your hair, these substances are flushed down the drain - and then into the ocean. Natural shampoo bars contain only natural ingredients that are biodegradable.

  • Healthy for your hair and scalp

In addition to being bad for the environment, substances such as SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), silicones, parabens and microbeads (tiny plastic particles) are also bad for your hair and scalp. They clean too thoroughly, irritate the scalp or create artificial layers on your hair.

Photo: Zeeplokaal

  • No use of palm oil

You have probably heard of the controversial ingredient palm oil. A cheap oil that is manufactured by clearing tropical rainforest on a massive scale. All our natural shampoo bars are completely palm oil free.

  • Easy to take on trips

A shampoo bar takes up almost no space and can always be carried in the airplane as it is not a liquid!

  • Less often greasy hair

An additional benefit is that your hair will need to be washed less often once it gets used to natural shampoo. You will find that you can gradually reduce the frequency of washing over time, without compromising the cleanliness of your hair.

"Withdrawal period"

When switching from a chemical shampoo to an all-natural shampoo, you will need to go through a short "withdrawal period". Your hair has become accustomed to substances such as SLS and silicones and has to get used to not ingesting them. SLS dries out your scalp faster and your scalp has become accustomed to producing more sebum. When you stop using chemical shampoo, your hair will feel greasy for a few weeks. Don't worry, this will resolve itself once your hair and scalp have adjusted to natural shampooing. We recommend trying a shampoo bar for one to two months to give your hair time to get used to it.

Photo: HelemaalShea

Using shampoo bars

Using a shampoo bar takes some getting used to but is really easy once you get the hang of it. The following tips will get you used to using natural hair soap in no time.

How to use shampoo bars:

  1. Wet your hair very well in the shower before applying shampoo.

  2. Take the bar of soap in your hand and rub it well on your hair to produce foam (the wetter your hair, the more foam will be produced).

  3. Massage the shampoo well into your hair and scalp.

  4. Rinse well with (preferably tepid or cold) water.

Does your hair feel greasy after washing? Natural hair soap does not rinse out of your hair as easily as chemical shampoo, so soap residue can remain. This can cause oily hair. Try the following:

  • Don't over-shampoo but use just enough to cover your entire hair with foam.

  • Do your best to rinse all the soap residue out of your hair, even if it feels like all the shampoo is gone, rinse a bit more.

  • Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar, which can help to remove the last traces of soap.

  • Try a shampoo for normal to oily hair.

Photo: Werfzeep

    Natural conditioner or apple cider vinegar

    Because natural hair soap doesn't leave a chemical silicone film on your hair, which makes it feel so smooth, your hair may feel stiff after washing. This is quite normal. To remedy this, I would definitely recommend a natural conditioner bar. These bars work exactly like a liquid chemical conditioner, providing extra care for your hair, a wonderfully smooth finish, and easy combing.

    Prefer not to use a conditioner bar? Try rinsing your hair with (organic) apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar actually works just like natural conditioner. Apple cider vinegar in your hair does not sound very appealing and, to be honest, does not smell very good when you apply it, but the smell goes away when your hair dries.

    Add 25ml of apple cider vinegar to a glass with 200ml of water (you can try out a bit with these amounts what works best for oyu). Apply this mixture to your hair after washing it with a shampoo, let it soak in for a few minutes and then rinse well.

    Foto: Werfzeep

    Find your shampoo bar

    With natural shampoo, it is even more important than with chemical shampoo to find a good match for your hair. All different shampoo bars contain different ingredients which specifically suit a certain type of hair and scalp. Have you tried a shampoo for a while (more than 2 months) and are you not satisfied with the result? Try a different shampoo bar! It can make a world of difference. You can also use this shampoo bar as a body bar or hand soap.

    Curious to know which hair soap would suit your hair?

    Dry hair:

    Normal hair:

    Oily hair:

    Please feel free to email us at if you would like personalised advice on a shampoo bar for your hair. We are happy to help!

    Photo: Botma & van Bennekom

    Can't get used to using a shampoo bar? Have a look at our liquid natural shampoo's.

    Extra tip: Keep your shampoo bar in a dry, well-ventilated place so it lasts as long as possible. Use a soap dish or pad that allows moisture to leak out, and don't leave the soap in a wet environment all the time.

    Questions about using shampoo bars, or want to share your experience with shampoo bars? Post a comment below!

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