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10 ideas for eco-friendly gift wrapping

Leave the glitter wrapping paper in the store this year and opt for a sustainable way to wrap your Sinterklaas and Christmas gifts. There are many fun eco-friendly ways to wrap your gifts and the gift recipient is guaranteed to be happy!

1. Use waste paper or old newspapers

Collect old newspapers, paper packaging materials or even used wrapping paper and make beautiful packages out of it. With some extra decoration, this is a cute gift in no time!

Credits: Pebble

2. Use old fabrics

Use old pieces of fabric or scarves that you no longer use as beautiful gift wrapping. In Japan, this is an age-old method of packing and is called Furoshiki. There are many different ways to wrap the cloths around your gift, check out this blog from Spoonflower for tips.

Credits: EcoCult

3. Decorate with pine twigs

Nothing nicer than decorating your Christmas presents with pine twigs. Cut twigs from your Christmas tree or look for leftover pine branches, such as at your local Christmas tree seller.

Credits: EcoCult

4. Use recycled wrapping paper

Is all this a bit too complicated for you? Nowadays you can buy gift wrapping paper made from recycled materials everywhere on the internet and in various shops. If you do want to buy new paper, this is definitely the best option.

Credits: EcoCult

5. Decorate with dried flowers/plants

There's nothing cuter than a package with dried flowers or plants. Use sprigs of (dried) flowers that you still have lying around or buy a branch from the florist. A small branch can go a long way.

Credits: Dani Noce

6. Use reusable gift wraps

Reusable gift wraps are a great idea for sustainable packaging. The special thing about these gift wraps is that the gift wrap is not only packaging but also part of the gift. The recipient of the giftwrap can in turn give the giftwrap to someone else. Check out the cool reusable giftwraps from Atelier Revive that we offer, all made from waste fabrics.

Credits: Atelier Revive

7. Use paper tape

Have you ever considered that there are a lot of paper variants for the usual adhesive tape? They are available everywhere, like this handy Tesa tape from us. Cut thin strips crosswise and voilà, ready to seal your gift packaging.

Credits: Tesa

8. Use chip bags

A super creative way to use leftover materials as gift wrapping is to use chip bags. It is possible to turn the bag inside out and use it as a gift bag, or cut the bag open and use it as wrapping paper. Do not forget to wash the bag well so that it is completely clean.

Credits: EcoCult

9. Use other residual materials

Most of us use quite a bit of food and other products that come packaged in all kinds of materials on a daily basis. Most materials will not be suitable for gift wrapping, but try looking at your packaging with a creative eye, there are more possibilities than you think!

10. Decorate with ribbons made from old clothes

Do you have old clothes that you no longer use and cannot be given away either? Cut them into pieces and use them as decoration for gift packages! For example, think of beautiful ribbons and bows.

Credits: Creating Really Awesome Things

Enough ideas to get creative and not to waste unnecessary wrapping paper. We are curious what methods you will try this holiday season.

Do you have any other tips for eco-friendly gift packaging? Share it in the comments!

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  • Ik gebruik ook graag gerecycled papier of draagtassen om mijn cadeaus mee in te pakken. Het is natuurlijk zonde om dit weg te gooien. Daarnaast heeft het een unieke uitstraling vind ik.


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