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Switching to natural and plastic-free sunscreen

Every year at the beginning of summer we open our bathroom cupboards again. Do I still have any sunscreen? And is it still good? Maybe it's time for a new one?

The range of sunscreen products is huge, but without knowing it, you're also damaging the environment by using a particular cream.

Did you know that every year we flush 14,000 litres of sunscreen into the sea? The cream that you put on your skin ends up in the water through your dive in the sea. So while you are admiring sea life with your snorkel on, you are polluting this beautiful sea life at the same time. And even if you don't like swimming in open water or you stay in the Netherlands, when you take a shower in the evening, you are rinsing sun cream off your body. That too eventually ends up in the seawater.

Most supermarket sunscreens contain the UV filters oxybenzone and octinoxate. These filters ensure that you are well protected against the sun, but these particles come off your skin the moment you come into contact with water. These substances cause the coral to fade or even stop growing altogether. The organic filters penetrate your skin and absorb the sun's rays, after which they slowly lose their effect and this is why you have to re-apply every 3 to 4 hours.

In natural sunscreens, the working ingredient that creates a filter is usually zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These are minerals that absorb but also reflect the sun's rays. Due to the composition of these creams, the filters often remain on top of your skin and do are not absorbed into your skin. This can leave a slightly more whitish layer on your skin than conventional sunscreens, but most creams spread well so that the white layer is almost non-existent and you can also protect your body from the inside.

Good news: There are plenty of natural sunscreens out there that you can use without feeling guilty about ruining the marine life. We've listed our eco-friendly sunscreen products for you, along with their specific properties.

All our sunscreens are 100% natural, plastic-free, vegan, cruelty-free and reef-safe.


Fresh eucalyptus scent
Butter/cream, easy to apply
No white cast
Suitable for the face
In cardboard jar

Cream/butter, firm but easy to apply
Very light white cast
In aluminium can

SPF30 or SPF50
Subtly sweet scent
Butter/mousse, easy to apply
Slightly pinkish cast
Great for body and face
In aluminium tin

SPF30 or SPF50
Delicious herby scent
Liquid cream, easy to apply
No white cast
Perfect for the body
In aluminium bottle

SPF30 or SPF50
Typical Naif fragrance (Zwitsal-like)
Traditional cream, easy to apply
No white cast
In bioplastic tube made of cane sugar

Sweet fruity scent
In stick form
Very light white haze
Good for high temperatures
In cardboard box

In stick form
Very light white cast
Suitable for high temperatures
In a cardboard box

Still unsure which sunscreen to choose? Or do you have other questions about sunscreen products? Just leave a comment below and we will be happy to help you!


  • Super dat jullie er zijn en dat steeds meer mensen zich bewust worden van wat we kunnen doen om de schade te beperken die we aan de wereld toebrengen. Jammer dat ‘eco-vriendelijk’ zo fors geprijsd is daardoor niet voor iedereen betaalbaar. We willen toch dat iedereen een steentje bij kan dragen?
    Dat terzijde vragen over de producten: is het UVA én UVB bescherming? Dan zou ik dat wel apart vermelden, niet onbelangrijk in de strijd tegen huidkanker namelijk 😉.

  • @Amber Hoi Amber, ik kan je dan zeker de zonnebrand voor het gezicht van Naïf aanraden! Groetjes, Misha

  • Hoi ik heb een vraagje wat is nou de beste zonnebrand voor gezicht voor iemand met een hele gevoelige lichte huid?


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