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Reduce your energy usage with Stoov

Have you ever heard of Stoov?

Stoov offers infrared heated pillows and mats that help you reduce your energy consumption. But in addition, Stoov keeps you super comfortable and warm all day long.

We tried out the Big Hug XL, which is great for big (office) chairs. It has heating in the seat and the back.

Stoov aso offers other kinds of pillows and mats for different usages. See all options here.

You can choose between 3 different heart modes, depending on your wishes for that moment. Because Stoov will keep you warm constantly, you will be able to turn down the heating in your house by a couple of degrees and save on your energy usage.

So all in all, Stoov is a definite necessity during these cold winter days. Comfortable, good for your wallet ánd good for the world.

Get your Stoov here.

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